Slim Dunlap
My New Old Records:
The Old New Me / Times Like This

Rockin Here Tonight
A Benefit Compilation for Slim Dunlap
2-CD Compilation

The Replacements
Songs For Slim EP
Special Limited Edition 10"

The Replacements
Songs For Slim EP
Commercial 12" (on Red Vinyl)

Steve Earle
Craig Finn & Friends

Lucinda Williams
Tommy Keene

The Minus Five Feat. Curtiss A
Tim O'Reagan & Jim Boquist

Jakob Dylan
Joe Henry

John Doe
Deer Tick + Scott Lucas + Vanessa Carlton

Frank Black & the Suicide Commandos
You Am I

Patterson Hood & The Downtown Rumblers
The Young Fresh Fellows

Jeff Tweedy


NW5102 - Slim Dunlap - My New Old Records
Slim Dunlap
My New Old Records:
The Old New Me / Times Like This

New West is proud to release both of Slim Dunlap's solo albums (originally released in ’93 and ’96 respectively) on vinyl for the first time as a deluxe, double set for Record Store Day 2015. Pick a copy up at your favorite indie record shop while supplies last!


Side A

  1. Rockin Here Tonight
  2. Just for the Hell of It
  3. Isn't It?
  4. Partners in Crime
  5. Taken on the Chin

Side B

  1. From the Git Go
  2. Busted Up
  3. Ain't Exactly Good
  4. The King & Queen
  5. The Ballad of the Opening Band
  6. Love Lost

Side C

  1. Not Yet / Ain't No Fair (in a Rock 'N' Roll Love Affair)
  2. Girlfiend
  3. Hate This Town
  4. Little Shiva's Song
  5. Jungle Out There
  6. Cozy

Side D

  1. Cooler Then
  2. Chrome Lipstick
  3. Nowheres Near
  4. Radio Hook Word Hit
  5. Times Like This